Cambodia has gained a reputations global scale for producing skilled workers that can do any range of work with dedication, honesty and efficiency. Cambodian workers are quick learners, who are focused and yield good results at their given tasks. Furthermore, Cambodian Manpower or skilled workers are adaptable, which is one of their biggest advantage for working overseas, as working and living conditions abroad varies from country to country. At international staffing service, we continue to recognize that it is the talent, strength and resilience of our people that is the foundation on which we continue to grow our business. We have made good progress on our commitments to provide a competitive, professional and reliable workforce.
International Staffing Services specializes in selectively recruiting professional, semi-professional, and amateur manpower as per the work requirements provided by our clients. We have highly professional employee’s working just to satisfy our client’s needs and demands. ADVANCE MANPOWER SERVICE CO., LTD puts equal effort in solving all problems faced by its clients and partners, byadopting itself to global business standards and ethics

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