For sending Cambodian Technical Intern Trainees to Japan.

A native Japanese who has been training languages, leadership and character development for more than 14 years in the developing countries will be the main trainer. She will train Japanese language, Japanese culture, leadership and character development.

1, Training Japanese language

We will use the textbook 「Midori」which is made by JITCO, the textbook 「Irodori」which is made by Japan Foundation, and our original grammar book. During the training, the trainees must speak only Japanese inside and outside the classrooms. We will create “Speaking Japanese environment” in our training center in order for the trainees to be able to speak Japanese in a short time.

2, Learning Japanese culture

We will help the trainees understand the difference between Japanese and Cambodian cultures.

3, Leadership and character development training

To be punctual. To be able to tell what they don’t understand instead of just being quiet. To be hardworking. To be able to be friendly inside and outside their working place. To follow the rules as a member of the big group. To be able to share their difficulties with their boss.

We will train the trainees not to give up and ran away from the challenging situations.

[Schedule of the training]

Our target is to be able to send the trainees to Japan within 4 to 6 months since they started their training. We will train them in the boarding training center.

Duration Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4 Month 5 Month 6
Japanese Hiragana


Simple conversation



JITCO   Midori







Japan Foundation




Japan foundation




Japan foundation


Japanese Culture To understand the working style, life style, seasons, or food culture of Japan.
Leadership training


To develop the skills to be able to solve the problems when they face difficulties. Trainees will practice solving problems in the boarding training center.
Others To follow the daily time schedule.

To be responsible with their responsibilities. Ex, cooking, cleaning, shopping food…

To learn to live with other people. To be corporative with their teammates.


Sending Cambodian workers to Thailand.

Since 2019, we have been sending more than 2500 Cambodian workers to Thailand.

In Thailand they are working in the construction field, factories, or agriculture field.